God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Missions not divisions

There are some tweeter and face-book profiles which are so edifying especially for a person in full time ministry.  Whenever I read through them I look forward to the next post. They help me keep my head up in matters concerning missions, winning the lost to Christ. However, there are other profiles that just keep you wondering what their goal is. You can sense that their heart is not missions but divisions. Why is this so?

Well, it is obvious in the content of the posts. The content is not about how people can be equipped for ministry. It’s not about the challenges of ministry. It’s not even about the great commission, winning the lost. All you see is posts about whether heaven will be on earth or not, whether Israel is the Church or not, whether a woman can wear slacks or not and whether or not Mr. X is Calvinist or Fundamentalist. Should we study these things? Absolutely! Should one hold a view about it? Certainly! Nevertheless, our convictions must not hinder progress of the gospel for then we will become like a certain book titled “When God is small and people are BIG.” It’s not like you have special revelation from God to say, “This is what it should be.” Knowledge is good but if not used wisely it puffs up as Paul says in 1 Corinthian 8 and can lead to sin. Some people have gone to the extent of not socializing or partnering in the gospel with those who hold a different view. Surely, it ought to be about the major things of Scripture.  If someone denies the deity of Christ and God existing in three persons then he has a very big problem. It’s likely that he is not saved. If someone does not believe that the Church is an assembly of believers then surely he needs help and it’s not biblical to partner with such a one. Do you see what I am pointing out? It’s not the uncertain things that should hinder missions. In fact if someone who does not believe in the deity of Christ is not sent then there is no deterring of the gospel. We will in fact be preserving error from spreading. If you are fully convinced about a matter in Scripture then hold it to yourself. Don’t let God hold you accountable because of a view.

I do not see any reason for someone to deny going into the mission field because the people sending him Calvinists. The problem is we begin to say, “What will people think about me? That one, that one and that one will be disappointed with me.” But look at the greater side. If churches and mission boards were not so critical about these issues there would be a very big impact. Can you imagine how many Churches would have been planted? Can you imagine how many regions would be reached with the gospel? Look at it this way. Here is a young man zealous about winning the lost to Christ. It is clear he is called into the ministry. On the other hand there is a missionary board or Church that has been looking for a man to send to labor in a particular location for years. The young man approaches the board or Church and he is rejected because he is a Calvinist. Everything else is in agreement except that he is Calvinist. Isn’t that being dogmatic? Imagine if David Livingstone was denied the desire to come and minister in Africa because someone was very particular about a certain view? Do you see what I mean? Not that we should send any Jim and Jack or not apply wisdom is making those choices but understand that it’s about missions. It’s about missions, dear friends not divisions. It’s about winning the lost!

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