God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
Preach the Word!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Now is the time

“What is troubling you?” asked Mr. X. I grumbled. After patiently listening to my complaints he said, “When I was your age, I spent so many years living for myself, seeking self pleasure and self glory. Now that I am saved and old I wish I was young again. I wasted so many precious years. So whatever it is Kwenda, serve the Lord. Twenty thirty years from now you will not regret it.” Deep down my heart I was like, “Lord, take my life and let it be concentrated Lord to thee. Now is the time to serve you.” But many young people shy away from this noble task for obvious reasons.

The first observation which hinders this whole heart service is fear. There is firstly the fear of missing out. As young people we love to explore. We want to figure out things. We are always asking, “what’s new on market?”  What’s the latest car, phone or music video? Have you seen this and that? We fear that if we spend time doing the work of the Lord we will miss out on the latest music, fashion and games.  There is also the fear of losing the best. We all want the best. No one does anything with the intention of getting the worst of results. There is a desire to succeed and get the best. Get the best job, the best car, the best house, the best wife or husband, the best family and so on and so forth. But the question is this, who gives us the best of things? Who provides for our needs? Is it not God? The problem is that the best is defined according to worldly standards. According to the world the best is that latest phone or car. Some have gone to the extent of saying if you don’t have that then you are probably not God’s child. God’s children must have the best of things. Well, Jesus was the son of a carpenter. He, as the Son of God, chose to be in that form. Did that make him cease to be God’s eternal Son? No! Instead it was God’s best choice for his Son. For through that, he would die for people’s sins and rescue them from hell. Do you see the wisdom of God? There are certain things you may consider useless and without benefit as you serve God but those same things may actually be God’s best for you. You cannot see it now but later on you will appreciate it. Ask Job, he will tell you.

The second observation is love for comfort. “Oh I just want to be in that Jacuzzi! I want to sleep and wake to find the fridge, the stove and everything else is in place. I want that 100 inch 4D flat screen on the wall. I want! I want! I want!!!” Isn’t this a familiar thought pattern? No distress, no disturbance, no hardships. Many young people love comfort. Many would say, “I am too young to be allergic to comfort.” Oh poor soul! It was during captivity in Babylon when Daniel greatly represented the LORD. It was while David was still a youth that he fought with Goliath and was persecuted by Saul. Remember Joseph as lad being thrown into the ditch and then sold as a slave and later in prison for three years?

My fellow youths, now is the time to serve the LORD. Why should you regret having wasted your energy twenty thirty years from now? You do not have to become a Pastor in order to serve God. That beautiful voice God has given you use it to glorify his name. That poetic brain can write hymns that the church will use to sing to their God. If you are sensing the call to ministry do not be scared. Now is the time! Now…is…the…time!! Remember this only applies if you are already God's child.

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