God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
Preach the Word!!

Friday, 27 June 2014

You are like Luis Suarez

If someone slaps you for no reason you will probably get upset. You will get really angry. If he does it a second time you will wonder what it is of him. If he does it a third time, you will think he is mentally disturbed and probably take serious measures against him. Next time you know he is somewhere close you will make sure you spot him and avoid close contact. This has been the routine of Luis Suarez, Uruguay and Liverpool striker. He is now popularly known for biting other players. He has bitten three players so far in his career and some people are saying its probably not the last time. Do you know that we are all like him? You ask, “How?” Well, let’s reason together.

There are certain offences that we all have done to someone once, twice, thrice and even more than thrice. Some people make those offences every day. They continue to insult, mock and even slap that individual every day. You say, “I don’t do that.” Yes you do. We all do.

Have you ever thought about your daily routines in relation to God? You sin against God daily. You mock him. You say you love him but many times you have chosen things of the world for him. You say, “I will be pure,” but yet again you find yourself touching and looking at dirty things. You haven’t done it once or twice but more than this and I am sure you will do it again. God forbid that it should be so. The interesting part is the character of the one we offend. Can you imagine we do all kinds of things against him and he does not retaliate? He still forgives us. When we do it the fifteenth time, God doesn’t say, “OK this guy us mentally disturbed.” No. It is at this moment that he lavishes his grace upon us. It’s only that we are so engrossed in sin and ungratefulness that we do not see it. We slap God for no reason. We slap him a second time and he still doesn’t act. We do it again and again and again but still he doesn’t act. What do you call this? It is grace.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez 

The only difference with the Christian and none Christian is that the Christian is helped by this same grace of God to become better by the day. None Christians, however, wonder further and further away from it. They do not see it. There are some people who are still wondering away from God’s grace. Come back to him. You are living in guilt, fear and sorrow because you are rejecting this grace of God. For those who are in Christ, remember that song, the song that reminds you of the goodness of God's grace? Yes, that one. Sing it and let it remind you of how indebted you are to the grace of God.  Let it draw you closer to him. Pray often and thank God for his grace towards you. Shall we continue to sin that grace may abound? God forbid

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