God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
Preach the Word!!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Are You a Jane?

Like the stars they shine but deep down their hearts they know they are not doing fine. This is the state of a lost soul. 

At one time, Jane will be on cloud nine and just minutes later she will feel she is at the bottom of the line. She works up in the morning with the sound of MTV hoping she will be like that super star.  “Perhaps the boys will like me if I can look like her” she thinks. “It will upgrade my CV. The dudes really love this.” However, the icon she admires is light in complexion. Jane is saddened. She is only sixteen. She must look like the one on TV. She buys a certain cream from a nearby store and applies it to her dark and beautiful face. Within 10 minutes her face-color changes. She walks out the gate.  Brian, a dude in the neighborhood stared at Jane with amazement as if he was seeing her for the first time. “He’s looking at me” she says. “I knew it would work.” That was the turning point for Jane. Her soul was inclined to become like that celebrity she saw on the magic box. The teenager spent hours on her dressing mirror. It was the only way she would make herself look like a star. Like the stars she wanted to shine but deep down her heart she knew she wasn’t doing fine. This is the sate of a lost soul.

I must look hot!
Niko, a new dude in the block noticed Jane. He told the young girl the very words she desired to hear. He won her heart. Jane was smiling. “It’s working” she thought. “I am getting there. I must reach for the stars.”  It wasn’t long before she gave in to his pressures. She lost hers.  Yes she did, like many young girls have. Soon, Niko was with another girl in the hood. He left Jane. He got what he wanted. There wasn’t any reason to stay.  “Why did he leave?  Am I not good enough?” cried the sixteen year old. “Hasn’t my face become more beautiful?” She wept all night. At 5 O clock in the morning the MTV celebrity was on again. This time, bitter Jane noticed something different about this world icon. It was her dress code. Her clothes were unique. The top she wore was revealing. Half of her boobs could be seen. Her skirts were not longer than 30 centimeters. When she wore slacks, they fitted right to her skin. Her shape was extremely defined. Jane could get anything she wanted. Daddy was a rich man so she managed to buy the attire. “Who’s that chick? She looks so fine,” flattered a young man in the midst of a gang as he saw Jane walk down the road. Jane heard the words and was blushing. She was in a 30 centimeter black skirt and a purple boob revealing top. “It’s working,” she exclaimed in her mind. For sure it was working. Like the stars she wanted to shine but deep down her heart she knew she wasn’t fine. This is the state of a lost soul.

“Oh! No! I am late! It’s Sunday. Church starts in thirty minutes,” shouts the wannabe star as she awakes. She runs to the shower. She’s out in five minutes. Another five minutes she finds and puts on her “church clothes.” The next twenty minutes are spent on her dressing mirror. She must beautify her now brown face which is slowly getting these tiny black spots. Pee pee!! The car horn sounds calling for Jane. She comes out running with her favorite brown hand bag. She knows some niggers will not like her dress and make up especially that guy who always stands in front talking about Jesus and heaven. She wonders why he keeps talking about a person he has never seen. The family seats on their usual spot and Jane knows some dude will want to come and sit next to her so she pushes away slightly. However, it’s not the person she anticipated. It’s this holier than thou guy who comes in her row and seats next to her. Now she is burning from the inside. She pulls her 30 centimeter skirt four to five times hoping it would become longer. Mum notices the tragedy and helps her with a citenge. For the past five years this has been Jane’s routine and way of life. The preacher mounts the pulpit and the sermon breaks Jane’s heart.  The Preacher showed from Scripture that Jesus was someone who loved Jane more than anyone else. Jane didn’t have to burn her face in order to be loved. She didn’t have to disgrace herself with celebrity fashion. Jesus loved her just the way she was in her beautiful dark and lovely skin. He loved her so much he died for her. The Preacher also mentioned that God, the Father of Jesus, had special interest in Jane. He said all who would believe in the death and resurrection of Christ for forgiveness of sin would be made heirs of God. Jane broke down in tears. Her Mum noticed and whispered to her, “he can save you if you call on his name.” Like the stars she wanted to shine but deep down her heart she knew she wasn’t fine. She cried out to Jesus and her lost soul was saved. Are you a Jane? Listen, God loves you and he can save you.

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