God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
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Monday, 18 May 2015

Marry Your Best Friend

Teenage life is full of dreams. One of the things that fill the mind of a teenager is career prospects. Young people dream of special careers. You never find any one adolescent hoping to become a garden boy or a plumber. They point out celebrities. “I want to be like that one,” they say. Another interesting topic of discussion during this phase of life is marriage. What kind of a lady will I marry? What will she look like? Will the man who marries me cook for me? Will he be opening doors for me before I come out of the car or enter a room? We all asked these questions at some point. The truth is that you should not be looking for someone who will open doors for you. You do not need someone who will be helping you sweep the house. If that's what you want then hire a maid or a servant. What you need is a companion suitable for you. You need a best friend.
On a magnet, the positive attracts the negative. In like manner, God designed men to be attracted to women and vice versa because they are different. Yes, different but equal. There is a friend, scripture tells us, who sticks closer than a brother. It makes it even better when you have a best friend who is also your husband or wife.  A best friend will tell you when he is upset. A best friend will tell you when your hair looks shaggy or your make up is too much. A best friend will rejoice with you when you succeed. A best friend always wants the best for you. A best friend wants to spend time with you. A best friend will love you sincerely. A best friend will gently rebuke you when necessary. A best friend will be kind to you. A best friend will respect you.
When God said let me make for Adam a companion suitable for him, he was creating a best friend for Adam. He was creating someone who would be attracted to Adam.  God was creating someone who would support Adam in his God given tasks. If she is your best friend, she will respect you. You don’t have to plead for her submission. If he is your best friend he will seek the best for you. He will protect and provide for you. You don’t have to ask him to open doors for you as you get into your car. He will do it because he cares. He is your best friend. If she is your best friend she will see to it that she helps you in your calling. Remember she is your best friend. She will stick closer than a brother.

If he is your best friend then you will agree with him at least on doctrinal grounds. It may not be everything but most of it. Amos asks a rhetoric question when he says, “Can two walk together unless they are agreed?” (Amos 3:3). Your best friend must agree with your personality. Your best friend will accept your flaws and seek to help you in them. Your best friend should be friends with someone greater and special.  He should be friends with Jesus. Marry your best friend.