God's Wrath was Satisfied

God's Wrath was Satisfied
Preach the Word!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Cross Of Jesus

The cross what a wonderful place.

It was there that my soul found incomparable grace.

Though it be filled with blood,

it still is a cleansing flood.

Every soul with guilty stains

may be washed as clean without any remains.

The cross what a wonderful place
See the pain and sorrow on His face,

He endured those sufferings for every race.

The cross, what a wonderful place.

Peace and riches are the cries of every nation

and yet the cross offers both at salvation.

They say take intoxicating grape wine

and forget the worries of thine.

Liqueur is not the answer to the worries of mine

but Christ, the real vine.

The cross, what a wonderful place

because Christ first set the pace.

The King was crucified 
so that you and me can be satisfied.

It looks like a filthy tree

and yet it sets man free.

At that place joy and love flow mingled down

and yet we always frown.

From that tree one beholds amazing love,  

because it comes from above.

Did I hear someone calling for wisdom?

Where in the world are the wise from?

They are not country descendants.

Neither are they knowledgeable students.

The wise are they who found life at the cross.

Their embracing of that bloody tree was not a loss.

They say “knowledge is power,

 get it and you will blossom like a flower!!

They say education is key to success,

be educated and you have every means to progress!!” Very true!

Show me a learned who is full of joy,

but has not embraced the cross like a little boy.

Have you seen him somewhere? Anywhere?

You have not because he has not learned the cross to revere!

Come to the cross, Jesus will make you a boss.

O the cross, it sure is a wonderful place.

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